Our Services

Bias and fairness measuring and mitigation of in business algorithms

We can help your company by:

- Indentifing bias
- Mitigating/Elimanting bias
- Managing bias
- Monitoring bias
- Producing Bias report

Measuring and mitigating of bias discrimination [gender, ethinicity and race]

We can indetifing and eliminate bias in:

- Facial Recognition Systems - Terms in texts (articles, reports, papars) - Databases
-Reports, documents, sheets

Inclusion/Diversity Certified: Evaluating companies people inclusion by analyzing the staff [Gender, Ethinicity and Race]

We can hep your company indetifying bias in your staff by:

- Ranking your companie considering regional and global markets
- Producing reports with your campanie inlcusion rate

Security, quality and governance in machine learning data models

We can help your analyze the levels of security, quality and govenranace in company's machine learning/deep learning models